"The Power of the Lord's Supper" (Josef)
Tom Horn
Guest: Tom Horn
David Martin
Guest: Sandra Kennedy
Syria's Chemical Weapons and the Obama Administration
Kerry Slams Syria Attack
Pentagon Weighs Military Options
Barbara Yoder
Guest: David Martin
Chemical Attack on Anniversay of Obama's Red Line
Barbara Yoder - SEM
Erdogan Blames Israel
UN Chief Admits UN Bias Against Israel
Egypt Closer to Civil War
Guest: Roy Fields
Dr. Francis Myles
Dr. Francis Myles - SEM
PA Denies Jewish Right to Western Wall
Guest: Dr. Francis Myles
Norvel Hayes
7,000 New Centrifuges for Iran
Francis Myles - Jump the Line
Norvel Hayes - SEM
Iran on New Path to Bomb
Not the Middle East Again!
Terrorist Team in Place?
Guest: Norvel Hayes
Zona Hayes-Morrow
Iran Leader Shows True Colors
Zona Hayes-Morrow - SEM
Peace Talks to Include All Issues
Here We Go Again: Another Attempt at Peace
Palestinians Doubt Peace Deal
Sid Roth - The Jew and End Times
Guest: Zona Hayes-Morrow
Sid Roth - One New Man - SEM
EU Bans Hizbullah Military Wing
Still at Odds over Borders
Guest: Barbara Yoder
Doug Weiss
Peace Talks to Resume
Dr. Doug Weiss - SEM
Morsi Under Criminal Investigation
Guest: Gary Whetstone - Hear God
Gary Whetstone - Hear God
Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested
Gary Whetstone - SEM
Dozens of Morsi Backers Killed
Guest: Doug Weiss
Guillermo Maldonado - Kingdom Power
Guillermo Maldonado - SEM
Morsi Ousted by Egypt's Military
Guest: Guillermo Maldonado - Kingdom Power
July 2013 Newsletter
L.A. Marzulli
L.A. Marzulli - SEM
Abbas Obstructs Peace Efforts
Dramatic Turn in Middle East Crisis
Next Stage in Syria's War Draws Global Concern
U.S. Leaves Troops in Jordan
The Arabs Want All of Palestine
The Most Anti-Semitic Act I Know
Sid Roth - Jewish Evangelism
Guest: L.A. Marzulli
Sid Roth - Jewish Evangelism - SEM
No Peace without Jerusalem as Palestian Capital?
Iran Sending 4,000 Troops to Aid Assad
Assad May Survive
Guest: Don Gossett
Don Gossett
Unrest in Turkey Continues
Golan Fighting Spells More Trouble for Israel
Guest: Paul McGuire
Paul McGuire
Iran, Hizbullah to "Fight to the Death" for Assad
Question 1: How Can You Be Jewish and Believe in Jesus?
Paul McGuire - SEM
Question 3: Judaism Doesn't Believe in Two Comings of the Messiah?
Ask Sid! June 2013 | Supernatural Healing Part Two
Question 6: How Can I Get to Know Jesus?
Ask Sid! June 2013 | Supernatural Healing
Question 4: Jewish People Don't Believe in the New Covenant?
Don Gossett - SEM
Question 2: What Happens to a Jewish Person Who Does Not Believe in Jesus and Dies?
Question 5: How Can You Be Sure That Jesus is the Jewish Messiah?
Assad Boasts of Russian Arms
Rockets from Syria Hit Hizbullah Stronghold
Guest: Karen Wheaton
Karen Wheaton
Arab World Prepared to Join Fight Against Israel
Karen Wheaton - SEM
The Raging Middle East War - Who Are the Players?
Iran Claims Long Range Launchers
Kerry Offers Freeze for Negotiations
Chester & Betsy Kylstra
Guests: Chester & Betsy Kylstra
Chester & Betsy Kylstra - SEM
Surprise War Is Possible
May 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
May 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
Israel Warns Syria on Escalation
Syria Aims Missles at Tel Aviv
Guest: Jennifer LeClaire
Jennifer LeClaire
Russian Sends Ships to Syrian Coast
Israel Determined to Halt Missle Deal
Misty Edwards
Guest: Sid Roth - Reaching Jews
Syria to Supply "Game Changing Weapon"
Obama and Netanyahu's New Red Line
Why Is Obama Coming to Israel?
Israel Carries Out Second Airstrike
Guest: Misty Edwards
Sid Roth - Favor
Executive Founder ISN Network - SEM
Sid Roth - Favor - SEM
ISN Network - SEM
Misty Edwards - SEM
Proof Syria Is Using Chemical Weapons
May 2013 Newsletter
The Hornet's Nest in the Middle East
Guest: Sid Roth - Jewish Evangelism
David Herzog 2013
Bolton: Situation with Iran "Very Perilous"
U.S. Aid Requires Israel to Co-ordinate
April 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
April 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
Quiet on Golan Borden Is Over
Guest: Sid Roth - Favor
Craig Hill - 2013
David Herzog - SEM
Museum Seeks to Deny Jewish Rights to Israel
Guest: Craig Hill 2013
Roy Fields
Craig Hill - SEM
Roy Fields - SEM
Korea Crisis Could Spur Iran Action
Netanyahu: We Cannot Forfeit Our Security
Guests: Tom Horn and Cris Putnam (2)
Tom Horn and Cris Putnam Part 2
IAF Air Strikes in Gaza
Cris Putnam & Tom Horn (2) - SEM
Israel Becomes Largest Jewish Population Center
Guests: Tom Horn and Cris Putnam (1)
Tom Horn and Cris Putnam - Part 1
The Charm Offensive -- Did it Work?
Cris Putnam & Tom Horn - SEM
Jordan Shuts Syria Crossing
Passover 2013
Rich Vera
Guest: Rich Vera
March 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
March 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
Obama in Israel
Netanyahu Presents New Government
Ricardo Sanchez
Guest: Ricardo Sanchez
Hamas Increases Terrorist Efforts
Syria Conflict Threatens Lebanon
Syrian Rebels Fire on Border
Guest: Gary Whetstone
Sid Roth Prayer - SEM
Ricardo Sanchez - SEM
Gary Whetstone
Rich Vera - SEM
Netanyahu to Announce Coalition This Week
UN: No Progress in Iran Talks
Behind the Scenes - Diane Nutt
Netanyahu Granted Extension to Form Government
Gary Whetstone - SEM
Guest: Roy Fields
Steve Hill - 2013
March 2013 Newsletter
Netanyahu's Woes -- Forming the Government
Republicans Warned on Defecting Hagel Filibuster
Guest: Steve Hill - 2013
Steve Hill - SEM
David Brennan
February 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
January 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
February 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
Purim: The Church As Esther
Eddie James
David Brennan - SEM
Guest: David Brennan
5,000 Flee Syria Daily
Syria Toll May Be 90,000
Eddie James - SEM
Guest: Mike Shreve - 2013
Mike Shreve - 2013
MIke Shreve - SEM
Jonathan Cahn - SEM
Peter Gammons Tent Meeting Part 2 of 2
Peter Gammons Tent Meeting Part 1 of 2
Ahmadinejad in Egypt
Hamas' Covenant with Death
Region's Armies on High Alert
Guest: Sid Roth
Sid Roth
Israel Airstrikes in Syria
Obama Secretly Pledges Divided Jerusalem
Assad: "I Will Win Even If Damascus Is Destroyed"
Julie True
Guest: Eddie James
Iran to Deploy Warships to Mediterranean
Guest: Bill Salus
Bill Salus
Israel's New Challenge After the Elections
Obama: Israel Doesn't Know What's Good for It
Julie True - SEM
Cherie Calbom - SEM
Netanyahu: Security Is Better
Guest: Cherie Calbom
Cherie Calbom
Sen. Graham Slams Hagel Appointment
Dr. Cindy Trimm
Palestinian Authority Changes Name
Tony Kemp & Alton Williams
Guest: Julie True
Behind the Scenes - David Herzog
Is Israel Illegal?
January 2013 Newsletter
Hamas Could Replace Palestinian Authority
Behind the Scenes - Sid Roth
Behind the Scenes - Guillermo Maldonado
Dennis & Jen Clark
Dennis Clark - Peace
Behind the Scenes - Barbara Yoder Part 1
Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark
July 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
Behind the Scenes - Barbara Yoder Part 2
June 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
Guest: Dr. Cindy Trimm
June 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
Behind the Scenes - Dr. Robert Heidler
Syria Violence Spikes
Kynan Bridges
Guest: Kynan Bridges
US to Intervene in Syria?
Israel's 2013 Elections
Hizbullah Fighting for Assad
Guest: Dustin Smith
Marilyn Hickey
First Damascus, Then Tel Aviv
Third Intifada Boast
Judea and Samaria See Riots
Guest: Marilyn Hickey
John Benefiel
Palestinians Place Signs Delineating New State
Hamas Leader Ends Exile
Tony Kemp
Guest: Tony Kemp
Hamas: Palestinian State An Illusion Without Fight Against Israel
Europe Pressures Israel Over Building Plans
Guest: Shane Warren - America
UN Recognizes Palestine as Observer State
Iran Plans for 50-Kiloton Nuke
Iran Moves to Rearm Hamas
Morsi Called New Pharaoh
Bob & Audrey Meisner
Guest: John Benefiel
EU Defends Israel's Right to Protect
Ground Operation Is Near
Dustin Smith
Guests: Bob & Audrey Meisner
Operation Pillar of Defense
Israel's Ground Forces Amass
Videos Reveal Hamas Propaganda
IDF Kills Hamas' Military Chief
Israel's War with Hamas
Israel Hits Syrian Artillery
Egyptian Islamists Rally for Sharia Law
Jerame Nelson
Fatah: Oslo Accords Will Cease After UN Bid
Netanyahu Congratulates Obama
Guest: Jerame Nelson
Behind the Scenes - Joan Hunter and Graeme Walsh Part 2
Behind the Scenes - Joan Hunter and Graeme Walsh Part 1
Antisemitism Virulent in Egypt
Iran Confirms Nuclear Goals Near
IDF: Chances of Conflict Are Growing
Last Centrifuge Placed in Nuclear Facility
Sid Roth - America 2012
November 2012 Newsletter
Romney Disagrees on Middle East Policy
U.S. Officials Say Iran Agrees to Talks
Jew, Messianic Jew, One New Man
John McTernan - 2012
Guest: John McTernan
God Is Not Politically Correct
Clinton Say U.S. Must Ignore Violence?
Guest: Dennis Clark
Craig Hill - 2012
Black Leaders Oppose Obama
Iranian Bomb Next Year
Red Line Strategic View Unchanged
Persecution Update
It's Time to Seek the Lord
Israel's Best Friends
Gary Wood - 2012
Guest: Sid Roth - Future of America
Obama Campaign Lied
Strangest Weapon Yet Against Israel
Cheering Christians Thanked in Jerusalem
Population to Pass Six Million
Warren Marcus
Guest: Warren Marcus - Revival
Red Line for Iran
September 2012 Newsletter
Mideast Unrest Mere Bump in Road
Yom Kippur 2012
Behind the Scenes - Gary Wood and Craig Hill
October 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
Guest: Shane Warren - America
First Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
First Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
Randy DeMain
December 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
December 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 2
November 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 1 of 3
Behind the Scenes - Dustin Smith and Bob and Audrey Meisner
October 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
November 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 3 of 3
November 2012 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 3
Iran Ships Weapons to Syria
Abbas Proposes Cancelling Oslo Accord
The Sweetness of the New Year in a Bitter Middle East
Gunmen Attack Peacekeepers Base in Sinai
Build a Hedge for Your House
Guest: Randy DeMain
Graeme Walsh
We Read Your Arabic Tweets Too
New Intelligence on Iran
Democratic Masks Slip on Israel
Katie Souza - Offenses
Guest: Gary Wood
Obama Platform Drops Jerusalem
UN Avoids Candor with Iran
Jewish Roots and the Law
Guest: Craig Hill
Joan Hunter - Freedom
U.S. Tripled Weapons Sales
Iran Pressed Syria to Transfer Weapons
Israel's Public Debate on Iran
Ahmadinejad: Judaism and Christianity Don't Exist
Faisal Malick and Khalida Wukawitz
Guest: Graeme Walsh
Iran Expands Underground Centrifuges
Egypt Sends Tanks Into Sinai
Crucifixions in Egypt
Guest: Dr. Jim Richards - Change Your World
Keith Duncan
Israel Warns of Month-long War
Fearless! God-of-Angel-Armies Is Fighting for You!
Islamist Takeover Complete in Egypt
Iran Approaching Immunity Zone
Holocaust Alert Remembered
Shane Warren - Secrets
Guest: Joan Hunter - Freedom
Egypt Reacts to Sunday Assault
In Israel: Yeshua Is Never Far Away
Palestinians to Proceed with Statehood Bid
John Waller 2012
Guest: LaDonna Taylor
Palestinian Groups Lash Out at Romney
Annan Resigns As Envoy
White House Can't Remember Israel's Capital
Guest: Katie Souza 2012
Turkey Responds to Syria Chemical Weapons Warning
Syria Warns It May Use Chemical Weapons
Syrian Forces Fight Back
On High Alert -- Concern about Syria's WMDs
Guests: Faisal Malick and Khalida Wukawitz
Bill Morford 2012
Assad Leaning on Inner Circle
Sunday People Update
Guest: Walid Shoebat - End Times
Walid Shoebat - End Times
Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Jihad on Israel
Obama Approves Anti-Israel Briefing
Guest: Keith Duncan
Shane Warren - America
U.S. Increases Forces in Persian Gulf
Yitzchak Shamir Passes Away
Guest: David Herzog 2012
Dr. Jim Richards - Three Days
New Islamic Republic
The Questions No One Asks
July 2012 Newsletter
Military Option on Iran
Terrorists Attack Israel's Southern Border
Guillermo Maldonado - Glory
Rocket Barrage Disrupts Negev
Iran Realizing Assad Is Finished
Kerry Kirkwood - Worship
Guest: Dr. Peter Gammons
Israeli Doctors Treating Syrians
Far Fewer Palestinian Refugees
Dr. Jim Richards
Guest: Shane Warren
Ahead for Netanyahu
Iran: Intervention in Syria Would Engulf Israel
Corey Russell
Guest: Kerry Kirkwood - Worship
Super-virus Hits Mideast Computers
Muslim Brotherhood Aims for Jerusalem
Saturday People Update
Guest: Corey Russell
Judith MacNutt
Discovery Proves Bethlehem Part of Kingdom of Judah
Opposition to Iran Going Nuclear Widespread
Guests: Sid Roth with Janie DuVall
Sid Roth with Janie DuVall
Drawing Proving Iran Nuke Program Revealed
New Government in Israel
Israel's Unity Government Concerns U.S.
Guest: Dr. Michael Brown - Debate
Dr. Michael Brown - Debate
Elections Cancelled in Israel
Thousands in Jordan Call for End of Peace Treaty
Guest: Judith MacNutt
May 2012 Newsletter
Early Elections Likely for Israel
Poll: Israel Alive and Optimistic
Happy Birthday Israel!
Steven Brooks - Nuclear Power
Guest: Dr. Jim Richards - Three Days
Iran: Israel Just Bluffing on Attacks
US Ambassador Warns on Iran
Guest: Joan Hunter 2012
Holocaust Day 2012
Ambiguity on Iran
Guest: Dr. Jim Richards
Guillermo Maldonado - Healing
Sunday People Update
Iran Nuclear Talks Unlikely
Dr. Peter Gammons
Guest: Guillermo Maldonado - Glory
Latest Weapon Against Israel: Palestinian Christianity
Passover 2012
Land Day Turns Violent
HD Video Test
LaDonna Taylor
Guest: Bill Ligon - Patriarchs
A Word from Sid on the Horn & Putnam Interview
Global March to Jerusalem a Ticking Bomb
Israel Severs Ties with UN's HRC
Iran Planned to Bomb Israeli Ship in Suez
L.A. Marzulli
Toulouse Victims Buried
Iran Behind Global March
The Glory of the Angel of the Lord
Guest: Mark Virkler - 2012
Grace Williams 2012
Rockets Continue Despite Cease Fire
Israel's Communities Under Fire
Mosques Spread Across U.S.
New Middle East Conflict Emerging
Guillermo Maldonado - Miracles
Guest: Steven Brooks
Called Out for A Destiny in God
Purim 2012
March 2012 Newsletter
Israel Ready to Provide Aid to Wounded Syrians
Guest: L.A. Marzulli
Daniel Kolenda
Netanyahu Warns that a Nuclear Iran Would Choke World Ecomny
Iranian and Syrian Leaders Dig in Their Heels
Arabs Clash at Temple Mount
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?
When Yeshua Isn't Jewish
Yeshua Already Did the Hard Part
Kerry Kirkwood 2012
Guest: LaDonna Taylor
Egyptian Official: War with Israel within Three Months
You Can't Buy Righteousness
Signs and Wonders Or Messiah Crucified?
Iranian Navy Arrives at Syrian Port
A.J. Jones
Binding, Loosing, Torah & Power
Iran Behind Attack
Syrian General Assassinated
Guest: Grace Williams 2012
Steve Foss - 2012
Saturday People, Sunday People
Khamenei: Genocide Moral
Israel May Attack by June
The Wonder of Forever
Jonathan Cahn - 2012
Guest: Guillermo Maldonado - Healing
Record Rainfall in January
Security Threats To Israel in 2012
Guillermo Maldonado
Jonathan Bernis 2012
Israelis Hungry for Deeper Spiritual Life
Combat Jets to Syria
January 2013 Mentoring DVD Part 2 of 2
Elections in Egypt
Phillip & Darlena Fields
Russia Protecting Iran
January 2012 Newsletter
Guest: Kerry Kirkwood 2012
Rebecca Greenwood
Iran: We'll Bring The War To Israel And Beyond
Pronouncing YHVH: Calling on the Name of the Lord
Guest: John Waller
Iran's Cleric Says Facebook Is Not Islamic - Membership A Sin
Gaza Christians Long For Days Before Hamas Canceled Christmas
The End Of The Age
Joan Hunter 2012
Guest: David Martin 2012
IDF Preparations for 2012 - The Northern Border
Israel's FM Responds To Mud-Slinging From Europe
Guest: Chuck Pierce December 2011
Don & Sue Heist
Suicide Bombs Kill 44 In Syrian Capital
Israel Eases Security Rrestrictions For Holiday Season
The Days of Noah And Us--Part One
Heaven Kind Of Love
Waiting For The Son To Rise
Guest: Steve Foss - 2011
Bill Ligon
Apple To Set Up Israel Development Center
Daily Dying And False Burden Bearing
Muslim Brotherhood Has Taken Over, Say Egyptian Liberals
Guest: Daniel Kolenda
Dennis Jernigan
Bethlehem Christian Population
Gospel Trail To Open This December
The Samaritan Lady And The Salvation Army Guy
Destiny Is In The Name
Mark Virkler - December 2011
Guest: A.J. Jones
What Is An Islamist
Job's Friends And The Blood of Yeshua
A Second Iranian Nuclear Facility Has Exploded
Iran Threatens Israel And Turkey If Attacked
New Hot Spot on Israel's Southern Border: Religious Fervor Increases in Egypt
Matt Sorger
Iran Whitewashing Nuclear Test Site
Barak: Time Running Out To Stop A Nuclear Iran
Guest: Rebecca Greenwood
November 2011 Newsletter
Jonathan Bernis - Confessing
Dave Hess - 2011
Though The Nations May Rage
Why We Don't Need The Blood Anymore
Mossad Targeted As Being Behind Iran Explosion
CAIR Warns Detroit Mosques To Tighten Security Because Of Christian Prayer Event
Guest: Joan Hunter November 2011
Gary Kah
The Unfathomable Value of One: Israel's Costly Gift
Obama's True Face Exposed
Sin and Redemption: Let Me Count The Ways
Mistakes Made By President Obama
In the Middle East: Obama - Severe Mistakes
Guest: Bill Morford 2011
Bill Morford
Republican Perry Would Back Israel Strike On Iran Nuclear Sites
First The Saturday People, Then The Sunday People
Even Those Who Do Not Believe Admit It's A Miracle
Father Of Four Killed As Gaza Missiles Pound Israel
Ruth Fazal
Guest: Gary Kah
Palestinian Officials: Israel Must Agree To Our Terms, Or No Peace Talks
A Record 3.3 Million Israelis Watched Shalit's Ruturn On TV
Guest: Joan Hunter 2011
Joan Hunter - 2011
Qaddafi Is Dead
Gilad Shalit Is Freed: Israel's Native Son Is Home
Gilad Shalit Welcomed Home To Eretz Israel
Hank Kunneman
Obama Says Facts Support Accusation Of Iranian Plot
Attackers Carve A Jewish Star Into Back of Iraqi Poet in St. Louis
Today Is The Day To Stop Worrying
Guest: Phillip Fields
September's Record-Breaking Tourism To Israel
Breakthrough Device Helps Alzheimer's Patients Regain Cognitive Skills
Anti-Semitism at a Polish Soccer Match
What Does the UN Have Against Israel
Two Jewish Scientists Win Nobel Prize For Medicine
Fatah Official Makes Public Statement Regarding Elimination Of Israel
Guest: Dennis Jernigan
Dennis Walker
Call to Prayer on Yom Kippur
Knesset To Vot On Annexing West Bank
Dealing With Issues
Spain Recognizes Israel As Jewish Homeland For The First Time
Guest: Jonathan Cahn, Part 2
Jonathan Cahn - Part 2
Obama's Relations Changing with Israel, Palestinians
Culture Changes and Demon Chasers
Worship: An Attitude of Gratitude
The Palestinian Statehood Bid: Preparing For Violent Unrest
The Love of God And The Fear Of The Lord
Yad L'Achim Launches Attack on Jerusalem Messianic Jews
Chrislam: When "Outreach" is Rebellion
Abbas: Palestinians To Seek Full UN Membership
Jonathan Cahn - Part 1
Guest: Jonathan Cahn, Part 1
Needed: A Leader In The White House
Invitation to View Sid on TBN August 20, 2012 and Sample Email to Send to Friends
Sample Email to Send to Your Jewish Friends
Guest: Matt Sorger
Surprise Sithole
Israel's New Best Friend In Africa
September 2011 Newsletter
Kerry Kirkwood
Guest: Don Heist
Israel Deploying Warships in Red Sea - Iran Following Suit
The United Nations vs. The Everlasting Covenant
Israel's Standard of Living Compared to Europe and the U.S.
US Threatens To Stop Aid To Palestinians If UN Bid Proceeds
Chuck Pierce
Guest: Jonathan Bernis - Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures
Earthquake Cracks The Washington Monument
Avoiding The Seductive Spirit
Eight Israelis Killed In Terror Attacks Near Eilat
Guest: Chuck Pierce
Dr. Nasir Siddiki
Widow Takes On BBC Over Israel Bias
Terror On Israel's Southern Border
New Housing Projects Planned For Jerusalem
Keeping Account Of Our Hearts
On Restoring Eve
Pre-trib Rapture - To Be or Not To Be
London Riots Threaten Jews in Stamford Hill
Lieberman: Israel Should Cut All Ties To Palestinian Authority
Guest: Jonathan Bernis
Ryan Wyatt -- School of the Supernatural
Israeli Research Could Lead to Breakthrough in Autism Diagnosis
High Ranking Syrian Officials Join Rebels
Dr. Larry Hutton
Guest: Ruth Fazal
The Call of God's Heart to His True Worshippers
France to Buy Israeli-Made Drones
July 2011 Newsletter
Gary Keesee - Money Thing
Guest: Dr. Larry Hutton
Israelis Rank Economy As Top Concern
POLL: 81 Percent Of US Jews Object To Forced Return To 1967 Lines
Guest: Nasir Siddiki
Mark Virkler
Glenn Beck At Knesset
Israel Questions Dozens Of Pro-Palestinian "Fly-In" Activists
Boston Globe Writer Says Christians An Endangered Species
On the Patience of the Saints
Washington To Resume Formal Muslim Brotherhood Contacts
Italian Leaders Unite To Support Israel At Historical Meeting In Rome
Running The Race -- Israel And The Palestinians
Michael Kaylor
Guest: Michael Kaylor
Japan's Earthquake & God
IDF Delivers Goods To Gaza But Flotilla Leader Claims A Blockade
Longing For Forever
Guest: Shira Sorko-Ram: Israel Divided?
Shira Sorko-Ram
Israel's Economic Success Lies In Start - Ups, Innovation
Praying Like Yeshua Prayed
Guest: Lydia Stanley
Lydia Stanley
Israel Threatens To Renounce Former Agreements With Palestinians
Training Wheels of Trust
Answering Meaningful Questions
Netanyahu: Israel Aims To Offset Palestinian Authority Bid
On Forgiving Unforgiveness
Palestinian Leadership Divided Over Plan To Seek UN Recognition
Joel Richardson - Return Is Near
Guest: Joel Richardson - Return Is Near
Israel Unveils First Commercial Solar Power Plant
By His Friendship We Are Healed
Calm Returned To Israel's Border, After A Day Of Violence
Leif Hetland - Dreams
Guest: Georgian Banov - Celebration
Jerusalem Day 2011 Report Shows City Enjoying Economic Boom
How To Change The World
Palestinians Gear Up to Obtain Their Statehood From the U.N.
Fear of Hell or Faith in God?
Israel's Fight For Security And Sovereignty
Mike Shreve - Truth Seekers
Guest: Leif Hetland - Dreams
How Shall We Then Live?
BIBI: No Compromise On Jerusalem, Refugees Or Jordan River Presence
Guest: Ryan Wyatt
Georgian Banov - Celebration of Joy
Natanyahu: Abbas Is Distorting History
Israelis Called To Wave Israeli Flags Proudly On Nakba Day
Nakba Day Refusing To Recognize The Nation State Of The Jewish People
Leif Hetland - Healing the Orphan Spirit
Guest: Surprise Sithole
Prayer and A Gallon Of Gas
Facts About Israel's Population
Israel's Independence Day
Muslim Brotherhood Head Says Dump Treaty With Israel
Guest: Leif Hetland 2011
Renny McLean - Matter Doesn't Matter
UK, France May Back PA's Bid For State:
Calling God's 911
All Of Israel Within Rocket Range Under Hamas-Fatah State:
Signs Of The Times
Katie Souza - Ascending 2011
Guest: Kerry Kirkwood
Congress Says It Will Halt US Aid If PA Merges With Hamas
Holiness: God's Part & Our Part
May 2011 Newsletter
Israel Joins Prestigious International Physics Organization
Guest: Gary Keesee - 2011
Peter Horrobin - Forgiveness
Happy Birthday To People of Israel
What If It Wasn't A Rooster?
Israeli Defense Forces Prepare For War
Passover 2011
Renny McLean - Eternity
Guest: Renny McLean - Eternity
Counter Terrorism Bureau Warns Israeli's Of Terror Attacks Abroad
Thirsting for More of God
Palestinians Attack Israeli School Bus
Walid Shoebat 2011
Guest: Dennis Walker
Israel Tourism Buoyant Despite Middle East Turmoil
The Strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood: Not Just Egypt
The Christian-Islamic Debate: God as Father
Love and Passion for God
Goldstone: I Was Wrong On Israel's Intentions
Guest: Walid Shoebat 2011
Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda Apr 2011
UN Tells Israel to Surrender
God Is the Ultimate Promise Keeper
Six Americans Injured In Deadly Jerusalem Bus Bombing
Israel's Quest For Peace And Security In A Rapidly Changing Region
Guest: Mike Shreve 2011
Peter Horrobin Mar 2011
Israeli Police on High Alert In Wake of Deadly Jerusalem Bombing
You Already Are What You've Been Trying To Be
Israeli Medical Team Heads for Japan
Guest: Michael Brown 2011
Michael Brown 2011
IDF Launches Massive Manhunt After Five Family Members Slain In Attack
David Martin 2011
Thirteen People Killed in Clashes Between Muslims and Christians
Guest: Hank Kunneman 2011
Bill and Annette Wiese 2011
The Blood of Yeshua, A Key to Effectiveness
Brian Adams
Guest: Mel Bond - Discerning of Spirits 2011
Building Boom and Prosperity in Golan Heights
March 2011 Newsletter
Jim Hockaday
Guest: Peter Horrobin - Forgiveness
Was Acts Written to Israel's High Priest?
Petitioning God
Guest: Renny McLean - Glory
Bruce Allen 2011
Egypt's Revolution: Mubarak Steps Down
Sandra Kennedy 2011
Guest: Mahesh Chavda 2011
Katie Souza - Healing 2011
Guest: Peter Horrobin 2011
Signs of a New Middle East Emerging
January 2011 Newsletter
NY: Jewish, Christian Leaders Against 41% Abortion Rate
Farewell To Vehicular Traffic On Jerusalem's Jaffa Road
Glenn Arekion
Guest: Retha McPherson 2011
Palestinians To Seek UN Recognition For Independent State
Less Can Be More
The Islamification Of Britain
Guest: Bruce Allen
David Herzog, Michael Hinson, Katie Souza
US Worried By Rising Anti-Christian Attacks
Who Can but Be Thankful?
Noble Energy Confirms Israel's Largest Natural Gas Discovery
Guest: Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner
Israel's Challenges in 2011
Obama Must Convert To Islam Or Attacks On Us Will Come
Iraqi Christians Mark Somber Christmas in Baghdad
God-Think & Giant Slayers
Iran Globally Recruiting Scientists For Nuclear Program
Guest: Sid Roth (with David Herzog, Katie Souza and Michael Hinson)
Charles Vance - Prospering
John Paul Jackson 2010
Guest: Jim Hockaday
First Winter Storm Arrives In Israel
Dave Hess
Retha McPherson 2010
Revelations from the Hebrew Version of Matthew
Residents Return To Homes Affected By Carmel Fire
Cautious Optimism, But Fires Still Rage
Charles Vance - Healing
Guest: Brian Adams
Yeshua is the Hanukkah Light of the World
Sid Roth with Janie DuVall 2
Guest: Sandra Kennedy
Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Nathan Morris
Hatred Toward Israel And The US Expressed At Muslim Hajj Pilgrimage
Muslim Prayer Group Meets Weekly On Capitol Hill
Nathan Morris
Guest: Sid Roth with Janie DuVall
Canada Snubbed for Strong Pro-Israel Stand
New Efforts To Explain Israel's Vital Security Interests
Yeshua's Heaven, Mohammed's heaven -- Which Way Is The Way?
Netanyahu: Palestinians Have Made Us Cynical About Peace Process
John Kilpatrick 2010
Guests: Bill and Annette Wiese 2010
Al-Qaida In Iraq Threatens Attacks On Christians
What's Your Picture of Israel Today?
Explosives Addressed to Chicago Synagogues Likely From Al-Qaida
Guest: John Kilpatrick 2010
Julie True 2010
Anti-Israel Conference in Montreal
Yeshua and Tattoos
Kevin Basconi
Guest: Charles Vance - Prospering
Hard-Wired for Love
Dead Sea Scrolls Going Online
Jews In Europe Entering A Dark Period
Questions from the Heart
Guest: Katie Souza - Healing School
Dr. Caroline Leaf - Gift In You
Iraqi Child Saved In Israel
Growing Turkey-China-Iran Ties
Dean Sikes
Guest: Julie True Oct 2010
What It Means To Be A Citizen Of Israel
Glory and Power, Ours to Enjoy
Settlement Freeze Only Hindered Negotiations
Tongues - The Ultimate Prayer Power
Nic and Rachael Billman
Guest: John Paul Jackson 2010
Dennis Walker - Baby Raised From Dead
The New Covenant is Jewish
Israel Ready To Restart W. Bank Construction
Dr. Caroline Leaf - Toxic Thoughts
Guest: Glenn Arekion
PA Court: Death Penalty For Selling Land To Jews
Succot 2010
Grateful, Grateful, Grateful for the Atonement!
"God's Sublime Attribute: Infinite Compassion"
PM Demands Palestinians Recognize Israel As Jewish State
Guest: Charles Vance
Joel Richardson 2010
Israel's Right To The Land -- Direct Talks with the Palestinians
Abbas: Future State Must Be Free Of Israelis
Michael Zeitler
Guest: Dave Hess
Four Killed In Attack
Hamas Warns PA Before Peace Talks
Forgiving Tom, Dick and Harry
September 2010 Newsletter
Guest: Kevin Basconi
Mel Bond - Discerning of Spirits
Israeli Researchers: A Precision Bomb For Cancer Cells
Priestly Ordination for a Nation of Priests
Oil Discovered In Israel
Dean & Marilyn Braxton
Guest: Dean Sikes
Iran Details Plans For New Nuke Sites
Obama Backs Ground Zero Mosque
On Getting A Prophetic Word
Tony Kemp - Healing
US Congress Halts Aid to Lebanese Army
Fires Break Out Across Israel
Believing the Truth?
Mel Bond - Releasing Anointing
Massive Skirmish on Lebanon Border
Yeshua's Most Critical Choice
Tony Kemp - Worship
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth 2010
Rocket From Gaza Hits Israeli City
Where Is The Peace Process Going?
Watching Yeshua Dance
Guest: Todd White 2010
Todd White 2010
Hank & Brenda Kunneman 2010
Guest: Dr. Caroline Leaf - Gift
About "Completed" Faith
Grace Williams 2010
Guest: Nic & Rachael Billman
Truth or Consequences
His Omnipotent Mercy
Guest: Dr. Caroline Leaf
Billy Burke
July 2010 Newsletter
Healing for America and Prayer Focus for BP Oil Spill
My Enemy, My Brother
Steven Brooks - Anointing
Guest: Michael Zeitler
The Changing Middle East
On the "Sh'ma" and Hearing God
Hank Kunneman
Guest: Mark Virkler 2010
Are You a Copy of the Original?
Objection: "Christian translations of Daniel 9:24-27 divide the seventy weeks incorrectly..."
Guest: Mel Bond
Brenda Kunneman
Is God in the Earthquakes?
Bruce Allen
Guests: Dean & Marilyn Braxton
Objection: "Daniel 9:24 was clearly not fulfilled by Jesus."
Coming to God's Defense
Guest: Tony Kemp - Healing
Katie Souza - Healing
May 2010 Newsletter
From Neville Johnson
Peace Talks and Global Anti-Semitism
Guest: Tony Kemp
Ken & Jeanne Harrington
Pentecost: Baptized and Fruitful
Objection: "Daniel 9:24-27 has nothing to do with 'the' Messiah."
Guest: Billy Burke
Katie Souza
Prophetic Word for 2010 For All Believers Worldwide
Dennis Cramer - 10 Prophetic Words for 2010
Dennis Cramer
Guest: Grace Williams 2010
Dennis Cramer - Ten Prophetic Words for 2010
Darren Wilson 2010
Guest: Darren Wilson 2010
Swiss Parliamentary Members Change Their Tone Towards Israel
Does God Really Have A Son?
Objection: "Isaiah 53 cannot refer to Jesus because it says that the servant of the Lord would see seed..."
Guest: Brenda Kunneman
Robin Harfouche
Standing in the Goodness of God
Guest: Steven Brooks 2010
Michael Galiga
But What About the Visions?
Guest: Hank Kunneman
Chad Dedmon
Guest: Bruce Allen
Why Passover?
March 2010 Newsletter
Bob & Janie DuVall
John Fenn - Five Spiritual Senses
Guest: Chuck Missler
Crisis In Jerusalem
Objection: "Isaiah 53 cannot refer to Jesus because it says that the servant of the Lord would not lift up..."
Guest: Robin Harfouche
Kevin Dedmon
John Fenn
Guest: Dennis Cramer
Objection: "Isaiah 53 cannot refer to Jesus because it says that the servant of the Lord did no violence..."
Delores Winder
The Preparation of Revelation
Guest: Ken & Jeanne Harrington
Objection: "Isaiah 53 does not actually say that the servant will rise from the dead."
Joel Richardson
Guest: Katie Souza
Live Feed Test 2
Live Feed
Live Feed Debate
U.S.-Israel Relations -- Still Strong As Ever?
Objection: "Isaiah 53 does not actually say that the servant would die."
The Significance of Heading for Home
Guest: Michael Galiga - One New Man
Michael Brown
The Lord's State of the Union Address
Patricia King
Guest: Michael Galiga
Objection: "Isaiah 53 cannot refer to Jesus because it says that the servant of the Lord was sickly..."
Singing With The Lord
Netanyahu Speaks To The Media About Peace
David Herzog
Hearing From You
Objection: "Isaiah 53 cannot refer to Jesus because it says..."
Israelis Race to Save Lives in Haiti
Craig Hill
Guest: Patricia King
Accessing Miracles
Objection: "Several key words in Isaiah 53 speak of a servant in the plural."
Guest: David Herzog
Joan Hunter
Guest: John Paul Jackson
Ron Phillips
The Calm Before The Storm
Alyosha & Jody Ryabinov
Guest: Delores Winder
"Jesus Set Me Free" (Josef)
Delores Winder: A Healing Ministry (Josef)
Jerusalem: Theshing Floor of the World
Robert & Linda Heidler
Guest: Chad Dedmon
Chuck Missler
Objection: "Isaiah 53 contains the words of the repentant kings of the nations rather than the words of the Jewish...
Why Did God Allow the Holocaust?
The Other Hanukkah Story & What It Might Mean To Us Today
Linda Josef
Guest: Kevin Dedmon
Guest: Alyosha & Jody Ryabinov
Bruce Van Natta 2009
A Week with the Lord
Guest: John Fenn - Return of the First Church
Jennifer Toledo 2009
Misconceptions About U.S. Support For Israel
Julie True 2009
Guest: Joel Richardson
Objection: "It is not true that the medieval rabbis were the first applied Isaiah 53 to Israel instead of the Messiah.
Baptized Only in Yeshua's Name!
Understanding is a Wellspring of Life
Art Mathias
Guest: John Fenn
Objection: "The rabbis only applied Isaiah 52:13-15, not 53:1-12, to the Messiah son of David."
Guest: Kathi Oates 2009
Sid Roth with Janie DuVall 1
The Kingdom vs. Politics
Guest: Craig Hill 2009
Objection: "Isaiah 53 speaks of the people of Israel, not Jesus (or, and Messiah)."
Nothing Ordinary About Yeshua
Guest: Sid Roth with Janie DuVall
Retha McPherson 2009
Objection: "Isaiah 9:6[5] does not speak of a divine king (or Messiah)."
Why Christians Should Care About Israel
Kathie Walters 2009
Guest: Joan Hunter 2009
Strategic Cooperation -- Deeper Ties between Israeli and Christian Leaders
Objection: "Isaiah 7:14 does not prophesy a virgin birth! And it has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus...'"
Guest: Ron Phillips
Maurice Sklar - Fall 2009
Having the Heart of a Rescuer
Objection: "Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible are we told that we must 'believe in the Messiah.'"
Guest: Dr. Michael Brown 2009
Billy Joe Daugherty
Israel's Military Challenges in the New Year
Steve Foss - Satan's Secrets
Guest: Art Mathias
Objection: "If Jesus is really the Messiah, and if he is so important, why doesn't the Torah speak of him at all?"
Seeing the Story God's Way
John McTernan 2009
Guest: Linda Josef
Dropping Pebbles of Kindness in Troubled Waters
Richard Madison 2009
Objection: "I find much beauty in the teachings of Jesus, and I think that there are some good arguments..."
"Church" Isn't in the New Testament!
Mark Virkler - August 2009
Guest: Dr. Mark Virkler - August 2009
Objection: "The only thing that keeps a lot of people in the Christian faith -- including Jews -- is the fear of hell."
Who Is Rebuilding The Temple?
Israeli Diplomacy in the Face of European Anti-Semitism
John Paul Jackson
Guest: John McTernan 2009
Being Holy As He Is Holy
Guest: Darren Wilson - August 2009
Steve Foss
Objection: "Christianity calls on its followers to exhibit unnatural emotions and feelings..."
Upon This Rock...What Rock is that?
Suzy Yaraei
Objection: "Judaism is a healthy religion. Jews don't see the world as intrinsically evil..."
Testimony, Tithe, Power & Puppy Dogs
Don Dickerman
Objection: "Jews don't believe that the Messiah will come twice."
What's Your Jesus Like?
The Grace to Forget Past Disappointments
The Battle Over Jerusalem
Evangeline Weiner
Objection: "Judaism doesn't believe in a suffering Messiah."
The Rapture & The Great Commission
The Coming Apostolic Movement
The Rapture & The Glory of God
Guest: Grace Williams 2009
Eddie Rogers
Objection: "Jews don't believe in a divine Messiah."
Finding Peace in Uncertain Times
Andre Ashby
Objection: "Jews don't need to repent."
Barack Obama Sees Jewish Settlements as Key to World Peace
Wesley & Stacey Campbell
Guest: Jennifer Toledo 2009
test youtube embed
Follow the Helper--and Choose Life!
Objection: "Judaism does not believe in original sin or a fall of man. We do not believe..."
Guest: Steve Foss - Demonic Spirits
July 2009 Newsletter
Grace Williams
Being His
Passing Love Forward
Objection: "Jewish people don't need a middleman."
May 2009 Newsletter
Guest: Steve Foss - Finances
Karen Mayer Cunningham
Give Peace A Chance
Guest: Suzy Yaraei
Mark Biltz
Walking in the Goodness of God
Our Consolation During Times of Darkness
Objection: "The Christian concept of salvation is contrary to the Hebrew Bible and Jewish traditon. Jews don't need saving!
Guest: John Kilpatrick
John Kilpatrick
Ever Been "Sign Dancing"?
Objection: "If the death of Jesus fulfilled the image of the sacrifial system, why do the prophets..."
The Comings & Goings of Blessings
Melanie Hemry
Guest: Billy Joe Daugherty
The Dangers of a Comprehensive Peace Deal
Birth of a Nation, Birth of a Kingdom
Paul Wilbur and Don Heist
Guest: Kathie Walters 2009
Holy Laughter - What's it all about?
God's Healing Delivery Systems
Being Legalistic About Not Being Legalistic
Guest: Evangeline Weiner
Dr. Eric Braverman
Objection: "I can't believe that the death of Jesus paid for my sins..."
Staying on the Glory Path, No Matter What
Brian Lake and Family
Guest: Don Dickerman
Objection: "Even if I admit that we need blood atonement, I still won't believe in Jesus. God wanted the blood..."
Guest: Andre Ashby
Paul Keith Davis
On Challenging God
Objection: "The book of Jonah totally shoots down all your arguments about sacrifice and atonement..."
Kids Are Hungry for the Supernatural
To God Be the Glory!
David Tomberlin
Guest: Melanie Hemry & Gina Lynnes
Foreign Policy Developments in Israel
Durban II: The Latest War on Israel
Objection: "Even if I accept your arguments about the centrality of blood sacrifices, it only holds true..."
Franklin Walden
Guest: Karen Mayer Cunningham
Loving Like God Loves
A Vision of the Coming Days
Objection: "It's clear that you misunderstand the whole sacrificial system. Sacrifices were..."
Listening Prayer: Learn to Hear His Voice
Guest: Mark Biltz
Steven Brooks 2009
A Resurrection Story
Maurice Sklar
Guest: Maurice Sklar
Bruce Allen Pictures
Objection: "According to Proverbs 16:6, love and good deeds make atonement. So who needs sacrifices?"
The Unjust Judge
Walking Free With The Passover Lamb in Me
Israel Changes Governments and Strategies Towards Peace
Ben Godwin
The Good Will & Pleasure of God
March 2009 Newsletter
Guests: Wesley and Stacey Campbell
Can We Build On a Cracked Foundation?
I Will Give Them ONE Heart
Poetry of the Crucifixion
Joshua Mills
Guest: Eddie Rogers
Keys to Revival
Objection: "Even if I accept your premise that blood sacrifices are of great importance in the Torah..."
A Peek at a Messianic Vision Prayer Meeting
Great, Effective, and Spacious Opportunities are Coming Your Way!
Objection: "The prophets indicated clearly that God did not care for blood sacrifices..."
Guest: Steve Solomon
Keith Miller
Finding Freedom in Yeshua's Name
The Anointing Upon and Within
Objection: "The Scriptures clearly tell us that, 'To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD..."
Restoring the Centrality & Supremacy of God to the Gospel
Israeli Politicians Try to Put Together a Coalition
Being People of His Glory!
Guest: Brian Lake
Paul Hegstrom 2009
Eyes to See the Goodness of God
Objection: "We are righteous by what we do, not by what we believe. Christianity is the religion of the creed..."
Restoring Desolate Heritages: Mandates, Commissions and Promises
Guest: Delores Winder, Radio Show 2 of 2
Michele Perry
Kathi Oates 2009
Guest: Delores Winder, Radio Show 1 of 2
Picturing God: Yeshua in Early Christian Art (Lane)
The Formation of Israel's Next Government
Gary and Kathi Oates 2009
Guest: Franklin Walden
Guests: Paul Wilbur and Don Heist
Bobby Conner
War Has Been Infuriating
Am I Guilty or Just Misunderstood? (Lane)
Guest: Jonathan Bernis 2009
Jonathan Bernis
Guest: David Tomberlin
Being Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good (Lane)
January 2009 Newsletter
Repentance, Refreshing and One New Man (Lane)
Guest: Paul Keith Davis
Bruce Van Natta
Resurrection Power is Being Released! The Winds of Heaven will Facilitate Great Changes!
Wounded Israeli Soldiers Want to Finish Job
Facing The Future with the Abiding Peace of God
Objection: "According to Isaiah 43:11, God alone is our Savior. We don't need or recognize any other saviors."
Miracle Healings: Various Guests
Guest: Vitaliy Fishberg
Maoz Israel Update
Redefining One New Man (Lane)
David Herzog 2009
Objection: "The Holy Spirit is not the so-called third person of the Trinity."
Jean Krisle Blasi
Guest: Steven Brooks - Dec 2008
Looking at the Bigger Picture (Lane)
Iranian Global Nuclear Threat
Tommy Welchel
Objection: "According to the Law, Jesus was a false prophet...."
Praying Your Family into God's Family
Guest: David Herzog - Dec 2008
Marc Lawson
As America Has Done to Israel -- Update
Guest: Keith Miller
The Real Meaning of Jerusalem (Lane)
Objection: "God Doesn't Have a Son."
Mike Shreve 2008
Guest: Kathi Oates 2008
That You May Be Healed (Lane)
Ron and Glenda Pettey
Guest: Gary Oates 2008
Objection: "If you claim that Jesus is God then you are guilty of making God into a man."
Changing Politics in Mid-East, USA
Michelle and Jordan Cook
Guest: John McTernan 2008
Abram's "Coming Out" Party (Lane)
Signs of the End
Objection: "Jews don't believe in the Trinity. We believe in one God, not three."
Becky Fischer
Guest: Julie True
Consequences of "Change" (Lane)
November 2008 Newsletter
Guest: Marc Lawson
John McTernan 2008
What is a Blessing Fast? (Lane)
Christians Celebrate in Jerusalem
Finding the Heart of Kingdom Territory (Lane)
Objection: "Jewish leaders in Jesus' day watched him and his followers, and rejected the whole thing for good reason."
Guest: Ben Godwin
Objection: "I find it to be the height of arrogance that Jesus claimed to be the only way to the Father...."
Which Voice Are You Listening To? (Lane)
Mindy Seta
Guest: Mike Shreve 2008
Objection: "Just look at the Church! Who's right? The Protestants, the Roman Catholics, the Messianic Jews...?"
God, Goats and Getting Free (Lane)
Guest: Jean Krisle Blasi
Paul Cox
Objection: "Jews who become Christians lose all connection to Judaism within two generations."
The Good, the Bad and the Blood (Lane)
Political Debate Over Iran
Rob DeLuca
Guest: Bruce Van Natta
One New Woman at the Well (Lane)
Ryan Wyatt
Guests: Michelle and Jordan Cook
Sample Email Invitation to Send to Your Jewish Friends
Preparatory Word for Ten Days of Awe 2008 - Psalm 91:9 (Landry)
September 2008 Newsletter
New Winds, Keys and Doors
Are These the Days of Noah? (Lane)
Objection: "Although Jews have been forced to hold public debates with Christians in the past, Jews have won every debate..
Guests: Ron and Glenda Pettey
Michael Brown 2008
You're Never Too Old for a Teddy Bear (Lane)
Guest: Bobby Conner
Steve Solomon
Objection: "The main reason Christians are so zealous to convert Jews to their beliefs is to legitimize their faith..."
A Pattern for Prayer
Do We Sink or Swim? (Lane)
Guest: Rob DeLuca
Darren Wilson
Washing the Hands of Your Enemies (Lane)
Objection: "Why did God allow six million Jews to die in the Holocaust?"
Matt Sorger
Guest: Michael Brown, August 2008
Trying Less, Trusting More (Lane)
Objection: "Without the long, ugly history of Christian anti-Semitism the Holocaust would never have occurred."
Barbie Breathitt
Objection: "The origins of anti-Semitism can be traced to the pages of the New Testament."
Questions of the Heart (Lane)
Shaping of U.S. Foreign Policy
David Jones
Guest: Ryan Wyatt
Objection: "Christians have always hated and persecuted the Jewish people."
Saved or Not Saved: That is the Question (Lane)
Guest: Becky Fischer
Objection: "Jesus himself taught that he did not come to bring peace but a sword..."
An Appearance By the Archangel Michael (Walters)
July 2008 Newsletter
Guest: Ana Mendez Ferrell 2008
Frances Hunter
Objection: "Jesus cannot be the Messiah, because more Jewish blood has been shed in his name than any other."
Have We Ever Been This Way Before? (Lane)
A New Union Rising
Guest: Matt Sorger
Objection: "There was no Jewish expectation in the first century that the Messiah would be a great miracle worker..."
Guest: David Jones
Ana Mendez Ferrell
Something Extra! (Josef)
Revival and the Destiny of America (Lane)
Guest: Tommy Welchel
A False Calm Leading to Failed Peace
Objection: "Why have wars, famines, and human suffering only increased since Jesus came?"
What You Think Matters: Insights into the Enlightenment (Lane)
Guest: Michele Perry
Fanning the Flames of Sabbath Holiness (Lane)
Objection: "If Jesus really is the Messiah, why isn't there peace on earth?"
Objection: "You missionaries always use the same old arguments and proofs. Your faith can't be very deep!"
Rodney Howard-Browne
Guest: Brigitte Gabriel
Objection: "Christianity simply doesn't work. It doesn't produce what it promises."
Persecution Turns Lethal
Guest: Barbie Breathitt
Brigitte Gabriel
A Time to Think Harvest! (Pierce)
How Yeshua's Stories Were Misinterpreted (Lane)
Objection: "If Jesus really is the Messiah, why are there so many objections?"
The Signs of the Times
Guest: Paul Cox
Objection: "I'm not a very religious person, but I'm certainly not a bad person..."
Being Prophetic-Blessing People (Lane)
Guest: Cindy Parton
Objection: "Missionaries like you target the sick, the elderly, the ignorant..."
Israel's Territory and the Church's Territory (Lane)
Mary Nahas
Guest: Barry Feinman
Objection: "Those religious Jews who did become followers of Jesus always had the tendency to stray...
What Did Yeshua Know About Being Poor in Spirit? (Lane)
Israel at 60
Cindy Parton
Objection: "Those educated or religious Jews in the past who did convert to Christianity did so for monetary gain..."
The Bible in Jeopardy: Who's Behind It? (Lane)
Israel's 60th Anniversary
Steven Brooks
Guest: Steven Brooks
Objection: "No religious or educated Jew would ever believe in Jesus."
Important Legal Victory
One New Culture: The Bonding of a Mixed Multitude (Lane)
Darren Wilson #2
The Festivals: God's Cycle of Blessing (Heidler)
Exodus-Leading Qualifications (Lane)
Objection: "What would happen to a Nazi murderer who believed in Jesus before he died? Would he go to heaven?
Objection: "What happens to Jews who do not believe in Jesus -- especially those who never heard about Him?"
Chronic Joy and Storing Grain (Lane)
Testimonial: Carmen
March 2008 Newsletter
Neill and Cindy Russell
What's Wrong with Easter? (Lane)
Testimonial: Robbie
David Herzog
Guest: Mary Nahas
What If...? (Lane)
Testimonial: Tirtzah
Threats to Israel's Homefront
Leprechauns Are Not Kosher (Lane)
Guest: Kolyah
Testimonial: Julie
Guest: Loretta Blasingame
Guest: Neill and Cindy Russell
Loretta Blasingame
The Long and Divided Path to Peace
Effective Prayer for a Nation
Eternal Consequences of Forgiveness (Lane)
The Truth About Salvation
Objection: "I won't betray my ancestors! I won't forsake the faith of my fathers!"
Guest: James Goll
Craig Hill
Promises and Kingdom Reality (Lane)
Guest: Craig Hill
Steven Zarit
Objection: "If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, why don't more Jews believe in Him?"
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Finding Rest for Our Souls (Lane)
Guest: James Goll
James Goll
Preparing Our Hearts (Lane)
Israel in 2008
Objection: "The fundamental problem with Christianity is that it is not Judaism."
Insights into the Sabbath (Lane)
Guest: Benny Perez
January 2008 Newsletter
Mary K. Baxter
On Being Honorable
Reza Safa
Guest: Steven Zarit
Being Accused of Killing Yeshua (Lane)
January 2008 Email Update
Richard Madison
Guest: David Herzog
Guest: Mary K. Baxter
Defense and Diplomacy
Iran: As Israel Sees It
Objection: "Jesus is for the Gentiles. We Jewish people have the Torah."
What Happened to My Freedom?
Getting Back Home (Lane)
Guests: David and Kathie Walters
Guests: David and Kathie Walters TEST
Guest: Reza Safa
Guests: Gary and Angel Wood TV Show 2 of 2
Guests: Various - Life After Death
Can These Dry Bones Live?
The Sanctification of Christmas
Guest: James Nienhuis
Guest: Gary Wood TV Show 1 of 2
The Plans of Men and the Plans of God
Guest: Delores Winder, TV Show 2 of 2
Guest: Dr. Hani Shehadeh
Choosing Battles Wisely
Redefining Worship (Lane)
Allowing the Holy Spirit to Control Your Meeting (Walters)
Is There Serious Error in the New Book, "In Defense of Israel"?
Guest: Delores Winder, TV Show 1 of 2
Passover During Hanukkah
A Hanukkah Story
Guests: A. and J. Ryab
The Curse Behind the Holocaust
Objection: "The Messianic Judaism, or Hebrew Christianity thing is just one big deception."
Judgment or Revival?
The Burden for America
Guests: Gary and Angel Wood
Guests: A. and J. Ryab
The Road Map of Prayer to Annapolis and Beyond
Guest: Deborah Shambora
Guest: Deborah Shambora
Is Jesus Jewish?
Guest: Roberta Simpson
Guest: Roberta Simpson
Forgiveness and Feelings (Lane)
November 2007 Newsletter
Objection: "Doesn't Belief in Jesus Mean You're No Longer Jewish?"
God, the Gold and the Glory (Lane)
Guests: Warren Marcus and Kathie Walters
Another International Peace Conference...
The Gift of Choice (Lane)
Guest: Paul Hegstrom
Guest: Randy Clark
A Ray of Hope for Israel's Captive Soldiers
Objection: "A Person is Either Jewish or Christian. I'm Jewish."
Knowing Yahweh as Israel Did
Why Does Your Heart Harden?
Guest: Randy Clark
Earthquake Kelley (Week 2 of 2)
Faith of Forgiveness
Earthquake Kelley (Week 1 of 2)
"Power in Communion" (Josef)
The Harvesters and the Lighthouse (Lane)
How to know Jesus the Messiah
Guest: Larry Randolph
Guest: Larry Randolph
Objection: "I Was Born a Jew and I Will Die a Jew!"
Questioning Solomon's Wisdom (Lane)
Are You Anti-Semitic? (Roth)
Guest: Earthquake Kelley (Week 2 of 2)
Guest: Danny Steyne
Israel: A State of Mind
Restoring Intimacy with God (Hinson)
Guest: Earthquake Kelley (Week 1 of 2)
Guest: Faisal Malick
Objection: "Jews Don't Believe in Jesus"
"A Yom Kippur Offering!" (Lane)
Guests: David and Kathie Walters
Guests: Christian and Robin Harfouche
New Challenges in the New Year 5768
Pattern of Feasts (G. Zeitler)
Celebrating the Babylonian New Year?
Guest: Robin Harfouche
Guest: Michael Zeitler
The Ears of Your Heart (Lane)
September 2007 Newsletter
Guest: Larry Huch
Guest: Vera Hughes
Nuggets of Gold, Part 2 (Lane)
Guests: Christian and Robin Harfouche
Guest: Tommy Combs
Nuggets of Gold, Part 1 (Lane)
Guest: Ana Mendez Ferrell
Guest: Robin Harfouche
Guest: David Cordeau
Guest: Nancy Walsh
Faith to Move Mountains (Josef)
Who's in Charge of Being Jewish? (G. Zeitler)
Should Women Be Blamed for the Original Sin? (M. Zeitler)
Faces of Light in the Darkness (Lane)
Guest: Kathie Walters
Guest: Danny Steyne
Caleb and Joshua: A Picture of the One New Man
Overcoming Blocks to the Baptism of the Spirit (Lane)
The Theme of the Second Born
Guest: Mike Shreve
Guest: John Mark Pool
The Holocaust and Uncle Moshe
Healing: Spirit, Soul and Body
Guest: Bill Johnson
Why Do Muslims Want the Temple Mount?
Miracles of Yeshua
July 2007 Newsletter
Is Jewish Buddhism Kosher?
Guest: Curt Landry
How to Pray for Israel and the Middle East
What is the One New Man?
Is Syria Planning to Start a War?
Hebrew Definition List
The Egg that Took 40 Years
Supernatural Moves of God
Guest: Terry Shuttlesworth
Guest: Richard Madison
New Year, New Man
Awesome Power of Prayer
Guest: Faisal Malick
Guests: Bill and Annette Wiese
The Place of Rabbinic Tradition
A Second-Hand Anointing?
Guest: John Paul Jackson
Guest: David Cordeau
When God Doesn't Do What We Expect
Jerusalem: 40 Years in the Hands of the Jewish People
Guests: Ronnie and Clarice Holden
Guest: Tommy Combs
Praying the Word Aloud
God's Covenant of Protection
Has God Forsaken His People?
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Church Anti-Semitism
Guest: Ana Mendez Ferrell
What is a One New Man Congregation?
The Power of Two
Hey! Young Person, God Wants You!
Who is a Jew?
Why Do the Nations Rage?
Overcoming Time and Space
The Theology of a BLT
Jesus: A Hebrew in a Foreign Land
Communion: The Passover Connection
Killed Any Giants Lately?
Guest: Steve Hill
Guest: Peter Jackson
Zionism and the Intercessors
One New Man - Bride of Messiah
Pondering Shavuot and Pentecost
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Theresa Hurlbert
The Power of Blessing
Making of an Intercessor
Hypocrisy in Jesus' Time
The Hebraic Heart of Leadership
Guest: Diane Nutt
Guest: Terry Shuttlesworth
As He Leads Me
Passover Encounter
Guest: David Herzog
May 2007 Newsletter
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Traditions of Man
You Are Touching Eternity
Jewish Roots - Where to Begin?
Guest: Aviad Cohen
Guests: David Herzog, R.W. Schambach
Christianity is Jewish
The Importance of Forgiveness
Kathie Walters
Guests: Ben and Brenda Peters
Receiving Your Assignment
Prayer for Virginia Tech Families
Guest: Diane Nutt
Graham Cooke
Keeping the Sabbath in Africa
Praying Up a Rainbow
Guest: Gary Keesee
How to Receive Eternal Salvation
Gentile Debt to Israel
Robert Heidler and Curt Landry
Guest: Steve Thompson
March 2007 Newsletter
Copy (2) of Guest: Steve Thompson
Seeing from the Top of the Wall
Agreeing with God About Israel
Great Expectations
Vision from Finland
Anointing Leads to Healing Faith
Guest: Mike Shreve
Guest: Bruce Marchiano
Wonder Working Power
Baptized with Fire
Sabbath Rest
The Heart of an Intercessor
Guest: A. and J. Ryab
Guest: Steve Hill
Life for the Terminal!
Guest: Al Houghton
Guest: Joshua Mills
Guest: Mickey Robinson
Guest: Steve Thompson
Supernatural Force of Love
Guests: Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda
Guest: Bruce Marchiano
Guest: Joan Hunter
Guest: Patricia King
Guest: Rick Joyner
Guest: Paul Hegstrom
January 2007 Newsletter
Guest: Joshua Mills
Guests: Jeff and Theresa Hurlbert
Guest: Aviad Cohen
Guest: Theresa Hurlbert
Guest: Joan Hunter
Guest: John McTernan
Guest: Larry Huch
Guest: Christine Uwizera
Guests: Charles and Beryl Dixon
Guests: Charles and Beryl Dixon
Guest: John Paul Jackson
Guest: John Paul Jackson
Guest: Frances Hunter
Guests: Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda
Guest: Randy Clark
Guest: Majed El Shafie
Guests: Peter Wyns, Ronnie and Clarice Holden
Guests: Sid Roth with Lonnie Lane
Guest: Charles Ndifon
Guest: Richard Sigmund
Guest: Bill Wiese
Guest: Juennine Fox
Guest: John McTernan
Guest: Tommy O'Dell
November 2006 Newsletter
Guests: Ben and Brenda Peters
Guests: Bill and Dorothy Jean Ligon
Guest: Rick Joyner
Guest: Bill Morford
Guest: Mickey Robinson
Guest: Theresa Hurlbert
Guest: Charles Ndifon
Guest: Gary Keesee
Guest: Tommy O'Dell
Guest: Larry Huch
Guests: Barry Feinman, Larry Huch
Guests: Don and Mary Jo Pennington
Guests: Michael and Cyndi Hinson
September 2006 Newsletter
Guest: Michael Hinson
Guest: Sharon Allen
Guest: Bill Ligon
Guests: Bill and Annette Wiese
Guest: Donner Roberson
Guest: Frances Hunter
Guest: Bill Morford
Guest: Michael Hinson
Guest: Juennine Fox
Guests: Steve and Kathy Gray
Guests: Donald and Bridgitte Wilson, Gary Whetstone
Guests: Tony and Felicity Dale
Guest: Jeff Jansen
Guest: Peter Whitehouse
Guest: Kirt Schneider
July 2006 Newsletter
Guests: David and Anita Duggan
Guests: Mel and Desiree Ayres
Guest: Sharon Allen
Guests: Curt Landry and Tim Alsbaugh
Guest: Donner Roberson
Guests: Curt and Christie Landry
Guest: Lonnie Lane
Guest: Marilyn Hickey
Guest: Steve Gray
Guest: Joan Hunter
Guests: Don and Mary Jo Pennington
Guest: Jim Rutz
Guest: Shawn Bolz
Guest: Robert Heidler
May 2006 Newsletter
Guest: S. J. Hill
Guest: Ayelet Steckbeck
Guests: Robert and Linda Heidler
Guest: David and Anita Duggan
Guest: Robert Heidler
Guest: Randy Clark
History-Making Prayer
Guest: Kirt Schneider
Treasures in Heaven
The Warrior's Walk
New Beginnings
The Door of Hope
Guest: Henry Wright
Guests: Curt Landry and Tim Alsbaugh
Wielding Your Sword
Our Burden-Bearing God
Faithful and True
The Faith of a Child
One New Man Prayer Meeting
Yeshua, Son of David!
Making Time for Messiah
Guest: Paul Wilbur
Guest: David Herzog
Need An Oil Change? (part 2)
Need An Oil Change? (part 1)
Pick Up the Sword!
A Key to Opening Heaven
Yeshua in the Torah
An Act of the Heart
Cleaning Out the Secret Places of Our Lives
Guest: Bill Wiese
Guest: Bob Larson
Battle Vision, Part 2
Battle Vision, Part 1
A Lighthouse in the World
Possessing the Gates
Prayer for the Palestinians in Israel?
A Vision for MV Intercessors
Why Does the World Hate the Jews? by Shira Sorko-Ram
Anger and Discouragement Open the Door
Guest: Marilyn Hickey
Jesus, Hope of the Nations
23 Minutes in Hell
The Healing Ministry of Bill Prankard
Messiah in the Passover
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua (in a group setting) Part 10
The Person of the Holy Spirit
The Positive and Negative Side of Faith
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 9
How to Overcome the Enemy of Our Faith
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 8: The Anointing
The Suffering of Yeshua by Sue Towne
S'mikah (Transference)
Intimacy with God Brings Healing to Our Soul and Body
Guest: Desiree Ayres
Guests: Jonatan and Jennifer Toledo
The Wedding
Power in the Word of God
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 7
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 6
The Ministry of Angels
Messiah's Arrival!
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 5
Mustard Seed Faith Heals Doctor's Impossible Cases
Passover is Revival!
God Never Changed the Day of Sabbath
Jesus Never Healed Anyone!
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 4
March 2006 Newsletter
If You Were the Devil
How to Apply God's Healing Provisions
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 3
Reason for Celebration
Some Further Thoughts on Israel, the Church and the Return of Jesus
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 2
Doesn't Isaiah 53 Refer to the Jewish People as a Whole?
God Wants to Heal Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Body
Letting Go of Being Right
Gazing into the Face of Yeshua Part 1
God Has Our Future Planned for the Good
Living Lessons From the Passover Story
Guest: Jennifer Toledo
Guest: Robert Heidler
One New Man Shabbat Service
Have You Ever Thought About All the Jews Who DID Follow Yeshua 2,000 Years Ago? by Shira Sorko-Ram
The Apostle Paul and His Thorn in the Flesh
God's Word Cures All Doubt and Deception
Spending Christmas with Yeshua by Sue Towne
If Any Man Be In Messiah
Do Jewish People Need to Repent?
Cornerstone Cousins
God's Promise for the Land of Israel
The Traditions of Advent and Hanukkah by Sue Towne
Objection: "Religions are all alike. They all have some good points and can help people lead worthwhile lives."
Healed of Cancer Through Confession of God's Promise
One New Man Up Close and Personal Part 2
The Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or History?
The "Beit Midrash": Learning How to Learn Together
One New Man Up Close and Personal
God's Will Is To Heal Everyone Today As Jesus Healed All Yesterday (By Acts 10:38 and Hebrews 13:8)
An Exhortation for Messianic Vision and Others
The Power of Humility
Healing Through Communion
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part Seven
Being One, Tasting Joy!
Servant Leadership: Restoring the Jesus Model
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part Six
Use God's Word As Your Healing Foundation, Or You Will Take On Deception
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part Five
John G. Lake's Teaching on the Tangible Spirit of God
On to the Land of "Better Than"
Why Should My Church Study About Her Jewish Roots? A Message for Pastors
Objection: "How Can a Virgin Have a Child?"
Guests: Sean and Ayelet Steckbeck
Guest: Lance Wallnau
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part Four
"One New Man According to Moses" or "Why Abba Likes You Best" Isn't Kosher
Objection: "What Happens to Jews Who Do Not Believe In Jesus?"
Receiving God's Healing Grace
Letting Go of Suffering
Praying the Scripture
Objection: "Judaism does not believe in original sin."
Remember Me!
The High Holy Days and Christian Faith
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part Three
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part Two
Objection: "Jewish people don't believe in human sacrifice."
What's Love Got to Do With It?
There is Nothing Incurable or Impossible with God.
Jesus' Strategy for Taking the World
House Churches: In Transition
The Fruit of Love!
The Ministry of Angels
Yeshua and the Feast of Tabernacles: Part One
Objection: "Jewish people don't need a middleman."
Why Haven't I Been Healed?
The Coming Increase of Signs and Wonders
How to Stay Healed
Worship: Biblically Hebraic Restoration
Going on With God and Not Camping Out
Please Allow Me to Introduce You to Jesus
Forgiveness: Key to Healing
Objection: "We Jews believe in one God, not three."
Redigging the Ancient Wells: Part 3
Learning to Be Echad
Power Evangelism: Ministry in the Marketplace
He is Faithful that Promised
One New (Wo)man on the Train to New York
Re-Placement or In-Placement Theology
Redigging the Ancient Wells: Part 2
Guest: George Barna
Guests: Michael Hinson, Joan Hunter
The Father's Party
Flexibility and Our Hebraic Heritage
Redigging the Ancient Wells: Part 1
Healing Is Not for the Church!
One New Man - In Africa
If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, why don't more Jews believe in Him?
Your Jewish Connection
Life in the Desert
Home Again
Why, God?
The Power of a Prophetic Word
Preparation For Healing
Draw Water from Yeshua's Well
The Most Important Thing in Revival
Yeshua, Who Is He?
The Days of Elijah
Jewish Messiah: Christianity's Foundation
Praying in Agreement
House Church in Philadelphia
Soaking in His Presence
Harp and Bowl
Israel, the Church, and the Return of Jesus
Healing And The Mosaic Covenant
Can You Solve this Ancient Jewish Riddle?
Are We Really Related? by Sid Roth
What is the "Spirit-Led" Life?
Build Your Faith For A Strong Foundation
Fire on the Canadian Ice-Cap
Sid Roth investigates the "One New Man"
Count the Cost
Guest: Robert Heidler
Guest: Joan Hunter
Guest: Salina Covington
Guest: Paul Wilbur
Guest: Eric Carlson
Guest: Jane Hamon
Guest: Michael Brown
Guest: Shawn Bolz
Guests: Dr. Michael Brown, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Guest: Rafaela Silveira
Guests: Jonatan and Jennifer Toledo
January 2006 Newsletter
Guests: Tim and Katie Mather
Guest: Joan Pearce
Guest: Jim Rutz
Guests: Ricky Roberts, Dot Roberts
Guest: Michael Hinson
Guest: Joan Hunter
Guest: Lance Lambert
Guests: David and Stephanie Herzog
Guest: Henry Wright
Guest: Henry Wright
Guests: Renny and Marina McLean
Guests: Sid Roth and Israel Team
Guest: Bill Prankard
Guests: Dale and Pearl Raatz
Guests: Paul Caminiti and Ben Irwin
Guests: Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Peter Horrobin
Guest: Jennifer Toledo
Guest: Bob Larson
Guests: Isaiah and Carol Reed
Guest: Isaiah Reed
Guest: Jonathan Cahn
Guest: Dawn Sweigart
Guests: Tom and Ginny Hauser
Guest: Kathi Oates
Guest: Bill Kent
Guest: Bill Prankard
Guest: Tommy Almonte
Guests: Dr. Renny and Marina McLean
Guest: Leif Hetland
Guest: Rev. Louis P. Sheldon
Guest: Gary Oates
Guest: Don Gossett
Guest: Dr. Lance Wallnau
Guest: Mark Pool
Guests: Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher
Guest: Doug Jones
Guest: David Herzog
Guests: Jack and Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Sid Roth and Joel Rosenberg
Guest: Walid Shoebat
Guest: Walid Shoebat
Guest: Tommy Tenney
Guests: Bill Kent and Mark Pool
Guest: Peter Horrobin
Guest: Jose Santana
Guests: Ricky and Jeannie Sinclair
Guest: Isaiah and Carol Reed
Guest: Rafaela Silveira
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Lori Strong
Guest: Tommy Almonte
Guest: Dr. Gwen Correll
Guest: Don Gossett
Guests: Felix and Bonnie Halpern
Guests: Richard and Dottie Kane
Guests: Dale and Pearl Raatz
Guests: Marty and Jennifer Goetz
Guest: Jordan Rubin
Guest: Gary Wood
Guest: Leif Hetland
Guest: Peter Wyns
Guests: Gary and Kathi Oates
Guest: Leif Hetland
Guest: Dr. John Miller
Guests: Gary and Kathi Oates
Guest: John McTernan
Guest: Ricky Sinclair
Guest: Sandra Teplinsky
Guests: Marc and Shirley
Guest: Dr. David Remedios
Guest: Jose Santana
Guest: Tommy Tenney
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Dr. Ray Strand
Guest: Debbie Rich
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Coach Bill McCartney
Guest: Dr. David Remedios
Guest: Kevin Turner
Guest: Dr. Susan Jacob
Chapter 1 - David Yaniv
Chapter 2 - Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
Chapter 3 - Rose Price
Chapter 4 - A. Ryab
Guest: Charles Cowan
Chapter 5 - Sharon Allen
Chapter 6 - Sid Roth
Chapter 7 - Dr. Michael Brown
Guest: Peter Wyns
Guests: Pat and Patty McEnnerney
Chapter 8 - Randy and Tricia Horne
Chapter 9 - Batya Segal
Chapter 10 - Manny Brotman
Lonnie Lane
Guest: Akef Tayem
Jill Shannon
Guest: Gary Wood
Guest: Vickie Faurie
Israel Orthodox Rabbi Comes to Yeshua
Guests: Hank and Brenda Kunneman
Guest: Sandra Teplinsky
Guest: Dr. Susan Jacob
Guests: Hank and Brenda Kunneman
Guest: Michael Cameneti
Guest: Dr. Catherine Millard
Guests: Pat and Patty McEnnerney
Guest: Kris Vallotton
Guest: Jordan Rubin
Guest: Kris Vallotton
Guest: Hank Kunneman
Guest: Bill Johnson
Guest: Tim Enloe
Guest: Coach Bill McCartney
Guest: Doug Jones
Guests: Mel and Desiree Ayres
Guest: Charles Cowan
Guest: Bill Morford
Guest: Howard Morgan
Guest: Debbie Rich
Guest: Bill Wiese
Guests: Howard and Janet Morgan
Guest: Eric Carlson
Guest: Bill Johnson
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Howard Morgan
Guests: Gennady and Svetlana
Guest: William Morford
Guest: Jeff Burke
Guest: Tim Enloe
Guest: John Gimenez
Guest: Eric Carlson
Guest: Jeff Burke
Guest: Fred Stone
Guests: Gennady and Svetlana
Guests: Tatsuo Akamine and John and Anne Gimenez
Guest: Ron Bellanger
Guest: Jonathan Bernis
Guest: Stan Goodenough
Guest: Eric Carlson
Guest: Stan Goodenough
Guest: Bob Fischer
Guest: Dr. Ray Strand
Guest: Dr. Catherine Millard
Guests: Gary and Faye Whetstone
Guest: Akef Tayem
Guest: Fred Stone
Guest: Jan Aldridge
Guest: Jim Richards
Guest: Debra Alderman
Guest: Vince Callahan
Guest: Lori Strong
Guest: Tracy Leigh
Guest: Frances Hunter
Guest: Dr. Bob Fischer
Guests: Jim and Carla Barbarossa
Guest: Perry Stone
Guest: Anita Hill
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Jerry Baysinger
Guests: Samuel Kanco and Surprise Suthole
Guest: Surprise Suthole
Guest: Samuel Kanco
Guest: Steve Gray
Guest: Pat Holliday
Guest: Doug Jones
Guests: Barry and Batya Segal
Guest: Samuel Kanco
Guest: Dr. John Miller
Guest: Bree Keyton
Termplate Flow Player Chavda Apr 2011
Guests: Nancy Alcorn, Laura Schultz
Guests: Mark and Marlene Werning
Guest: Gordon Robertson
Guest: Gary Whetstone
Guest: Dr. Paul L. Cox
Guest: Perry Stone
Guest: Doug Jones
Guests: Tracy Leigh and Keith Clark
Guest: Suzy Harbinson
Guest: Dr. Pat Holliday
Guests: Sheri Stone, Lloyd Phillips, David White, Sara O'Meara, and Therese Marszalek
Guests: Rolland and Heidi Baker
Guest: Marcia Fisher
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Jonathan Maracle
Guest: Henry Wright
Guest: Chuck Pierce
Guest: Penny Lea
Guest: Joel Rosenberg
Guests: Cris and Christine Spanbauer
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Henry Wright
Guest: Gary Whetstone
Guest: Dr. Michael Brown
Guests: Jerry Baysinger and Vince Callahan
Guest: Michael O'Loughlin
Guest: Hal Lindsey
Guest: Bob Fischer
Guest: Bill Johnson
Guests: Larry and Tiz Huch
Guest: Janie DuVall
Guest: Dr. Jim Richards
Guest: Emily Dotson
Guest: Frank Bower
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Warren Marcus
Guest: George Otis, Jr.
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guest: Anita Hill
Guests: Gene and Nancy Mullenax
Guest: Henry Wright
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Michael Lane
Guest: Ella Brunt
Guest: Dale Fife
Guests: Sandi and Allen Frye
Guest: Craig Hill
Guest: Michael O'Loughlin
Guest: Dr. Paul Gervais
Guest: Jim Barbarossa
Guest: Dr. John Garr
Guest: Robin Harfouche
Guests: Dr. Paul Gervais, Mark and Marlene Werning
Guest: Bree Keyton
Guests: Mel and Desiree Ayres
Guest: Brad McClendon
Guests: John Arnott, Warren Marcus, Cindy Parton
Guest: Rebecca Totilo
Guest: Shira Sorko-Ram
Guest: Roger Sapp
Guest: David Yaniv
Guest: Michael Champagne
Guest: Dave Roberson
Guest: Larry Huch
Guest: Larry Huch
Guest: Robert Kayanja
Guest: Hal Lindsey
Guest: Dr. Gary Whetstone
Guest: Ron Ssali
Guest: Jo Ann Dehon
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Joy Woodruff
Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth
Guests: Bill and Mary Ann Henderson
Guest: Heidi Baker
Guest: Dr. Michael Brown
Guest: Dr. John Garr
Guest: Dr. John Miller
Guest: Dr. John Miller
Guest: Sue Towne
Guests: Ron and Shirley Bulluck
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Gari DiStefano
Guests: Craig and Jenny Marsh
Guest: Dr. James Maloney
Guest: Allan Smith
Guests: David and Leslye Schneier
Guest: Dr. Dell Sanchez
Guest: Emily Dotson
Guest: Cal Pierce
Guests: Dr. Harry and Michele Jackson, Jr.
Guest: Dr. Mark Gabriel
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Sophie
Guest: Anna Rountree
Guest: Roger Sapp
Guests: Chris and Christine Spanbauer
Guest: Ralph Muncaster
Guest: Peter Gammons
Guests: Suzy Harbinson, Gari DiStefano
Guest: Jan Aldridge
Guest: Sid Roth, Gene Mullenax
Guest: Jonathan Maracle
Guest: Dr. R.T. Kendall
Guest: Dr. Mark Gabriel
Guests: Rick and Lori Taylor
Guest: Perry Stone
Guests: Various
Guest: Cal Pierce
Guests: Martha Kilpatrick
Guest: Dr. Dell Sanchez
Guest: Tedd Tripp
Guest: Rick Neill
Guest: Vaughn Clark
Guest: Ira Kellman
Guest: Jonas Clark
Guest: Eric Morey
Guest: Jim Goll
Guest: Rick Amato
Guest: Reinhard Bonnke
Guest: Jack Frost
Guest: Jack Frost
Guest: Elizabeth Syre
Guest: Vickie Faurie
Guest: Robert Inguanzo
Guest: Dr. Paul L. Cox
Guest: Sid Roth
Guests: Bob and Jayne Griffin
Guests: Peter Gammons, Sid Roth
Guests: John McTernan
Guest: David Piper
Guest: Tom and Sid Renfro
Guest: John Carver
Guest: Michael Sedler
Guest: Charles Carrin
Guest: Peter Gammons
Guest: Kim Daniels
Guest: Nita Johnson
Guest: Norm Franz
Guest: Sid Roth
Guests: Ron and Shirley Bulluck
Guest: Kim Wilcox
Guest: Joan Gieson
Guests: Rolland and Heidi Baker
Guest: Rebecca Greenstein
Guests: Eric and Terri Morey
Guest: R.G. Hardy
Guest: George Bloomer
Guests: Bill and Mary Ann Henderson
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: John Carver
Guests: John McTernan, Ed Sherman, Jonathan Hansen, Nita Johnson, Christine Darg
Guests: Gary Kah, Keith Davis, Dan Bohler, Cindy Jacobs, Dick Reuben
Guest: Mary Jo Clouse
Guests: Chester and Betsy Kylstra
Guest: Henry Wright
Guest: Peter Michas
Guest: Christine Darg
Guest: Yacov Rambsel
Guest: Lauri Mallord
Guest: Ron Ssali
Guest: Samuel Lee
Guest: Dr. Sandra Kennedy
Guest: Ira Kellman
Guests: Ricky Roberts and Dot Roberts
Guest: Ed Hindson
Guest: Gary Carpenter
Guests: Bob and Joan Nast
Guest: Dave Roberson
Guest: Bree Keyton
Guest: Nita Johnson
Guest: Patti Perior
Guest: Don Paul
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Paul Wilbur
Guests: Tito and Linda Morales
Guest: Ella Brunt
Guest: Mary Frances Varallo
Guest: Eric Carlson
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Sid Roth
Guest: Ed Silvoso
Guest: Ben Kinchlow
Guest: John McTernan
Guest: Shirley Smith
Guest: Philip Moore
Guest: Curry Blake
Guest: Dave Roberson
Guest: Dr. Carl Baugh
Guest: Nita Johnson
Guests: Peter Hirsch, Igor Ashkinazi
Guest: Sid Roth
Guests: Geoff and Michelle Cohen
Guests: Doug and Jean Jones
Guests: Rebecca Macchi, Carlos Annacondia
Guest: Julie True
Guest: Julie True 2010
Guest: David Lazarus
Guest: Kevin Howard
Guest: Craig Hill
Guest: Margy Palm
Guest: Dave Roberson
Guest: Kris Vallotton